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logh pc cutscene if only kircheis were oh wait sm

“Maybe now is just a dream. Am I wandering in a long gallery of dreams? Sometimes I think so. One day the dream will fade, and I’ll return to another day of when you and I were children, and Lady Annerose was still with us. And then I’ll say to Lady Annerose, ‘I had a dream. Reinhard and I became soldiers, and important men, commanding warships and going to the ends of the universe…’”

“I had a dream. We’d already graduated and fought on the front lines. We fought many times and won… We almost died several times, but together, we escaped the danger.”

“That wasn’t a dream, Lord Reinhard.”

“You haven’t had your fill of dreams, Reinhard?”

“No, I have plenty that no one has ever seen before.”


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2009/10/04 at 09:57

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