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On Monster (Half-Way Checkpoint)

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After episode 29 … Monster gets so good. Admittedly, before this, I often had to force myself to watch Monster, telling myself that it has to get good at some point. And good it certainly got; now I’m pretty much devouring it. No filler-esque episodes or semi-slice of life crap at this point; just pure “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF” and awesome.

The only negative right now: needs moar Lunge. Oh wait, ep 32, there he is. Badass as ever. Gillen is retarded for thinking Lunge has a heart at all, he’s just a badass crime-solvin’ machine. I still like Kenzou “Jesus” Tenma, great main character.

I thought Johan might be a schizophrenic until when he confronts Richard Braun … and Roberto! WTFFFFFFF this is getting so good.

“What kind of world are you planning to create?”


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2009/10/30 at 05:49

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